Now you can start Noorani Qaida classes directly from your mobile or computer at comfort of your home. It is an advanced method of learning Noorani Qaida with your personal and private one on one online tutor. You can learn Noorani Qaida at your convenient time from anywhere in the world. The live individual sessions of Noorani Qaida classes make a proper learning environment. Your teacher focus completely on single student in 30 minutes period. If you can’t find a Noorani Qaida tutor near you then learning Noorani Qaida online from our platform is the best option for you.


Online Quran classes are conducted over the Internet. With the use of the internet, you can find a best online Quran class yourself, and avoid easily taking out time to drop the children at a local Islamic center or Mosque and then pick them up. In an online Quran class, student can view his or her lesson on the screen and communicate directly with Quran tutor. In western countries, most of the parents can’t teach Quran to their kids. We have solved this problem by offering best online Quran classes with personal live Quran tutor. Make use of technology for learning Quran in front of the computer with live Quran class at home.


You can learn Quran with the ease of sitting at your home. Quran Academy has arranged different Quran classes for Muslim kids and adults. Learn Quran at home Online without traveling from your home to the local Quran School. You can choose a Quran class with personal male or female Quran tutor to help you improve your recitation of the Holy Quran. We assign a separate Quran class to every student so that our Quran tutor can give full attention to a single student in the class.


Our Online Quran classes are self-paced. It allows the student greater flexibility in learning Quran lesson on his or her own pace. Self-Paced Quran Classes are different from traditional Quran classes like in Masjid or Madrasa. You can learn your Quran lesson independently with no deadlines. It allows you to progress through the course at your own speed. It is affordable as compared to a personal home Quran tutor. You can learn Tajweed exercises online without purchasing any book. Your course material is available online. Self-paced Quran learning has proven to be an effective way for students to design their own learning, responsibility, and boost confidence.


Due to the Muslims spreading across the globe, the need for Quran classes has increased. To cater to this need the concept of online Quran classes has been introduced. It is an easy and effective way of learning Quran and Islam. Anaya Online Quran is an Online Institute that provides you quality Quran classes and Islamic learning services. If you are looking for online Quran classes, Anaya Online Quran is the best option for you. You can try free trial classes to see how our teachers are delivering the lessons and how we are performing as online Quran teaching Academy. Our Online Quran classes are the most convenient way to learn Quran due to easy access of internet with our best and experienced Quran tutors. Now Quran learning has become as easy as it could be.


Learning Quran with Online Quran classes has become very easy via skype or zoom with the help of Online Quran teacher. Interactive online Quran classes are beneficial for the student of any age. Skype and zoom offer many tools. You can share your lesson on screen and draw on it very easily. You just need an internet connection for online Quran lesson. It introduces new ways for the students and tutors to connect with each other. It is the best opportunity for distance learning specially Quran learning.


It is the duty of parents to teach Islam to their children so that they grow up as practicing Muslims. Give Islamic Education to kids from an Early stage. Most of the Muslim parents have desire to make their children familiar with Islam but due to the busy life they are unable to teach their kids themselves. Now your kids can learn basic teachings of Islam online. We have provided a platform for one-on-one online Islamic tutoring for children. We equip kids with essential and fundamental knowledge of Islam. If you are living in an area where there is no local Islamic School for Muslim kids, then online Islamic School is the best choice for you.


Online Quran classes are preferred by individuals who may not be able to make it in traditional Quran classes due to various reasons. Students have been given the facility to choose the desired time of the Quran class. Now you can choose a Quran class that matches your schedule. Students in traditional classrooms may not get personalized attention due to a large number of students, but in our online Quran class, it is your personal time with your Quran tutor and you will be given full attention. Online Quran class increases the chances of a student performing well due to the dedicated time given by Quran tutor.